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When the World Wide Web first started out websites were generally only viewed on huge desktop PCs with heavy CRT monitors.

But it’s just not that simple any more:

 “By the end of 2015, it is anticipated there will be 44 million smartphone connections in the UK, up from 36 million in 2014. This means that over 50% of adults in the UK will own a smartphone” – ( Portio Research, January 2015 )

With the evolution of smart phones and tablet devices the way people access the Internet has changed. A website designed for a PC screen means people viewing the site on a mobile have to constantly pinch, zoom and scroll around to get what they need from the site.

An Early Solution – Separate Domains

An early solution to the problem was to build separate websites for mobile devices, usually under the ‘m’ or ‘mobile’ sub domains of the main site. This normally means double the development and double the maintenance time needed to keep both sites up to date. With the rapid growth of the tablet market, in some cases users see a the mobile version rather than a more applicable ‘full’ version.

A Better Way – Responsive Websites

An alternative solution is to create a responsive website, one website to display all content on a mobile device and then change how the content is displayed to be more appropriate to the device viewing the website.

Mobile phones are generally subject to slower connection speeds than ADSL or cable and can also be restricted by a data contract limiting monthly bandwidth usage. There are two problems when it comes to designing a website for desktops and mobiles – load times and pictures! Mobile visitors will not appreciate your site if it’s slow and uses up a lot of a data allowance on big pictures. But, if you only have small images then people visiting your website on a desktop are going to be disappointed. So a great idea is to use responsive website images.

Beauty and Function in the Eye of the Beholder

Consideration of how content is presented to the viewer across multiple devices has become an essential requirement – responsive web design is one possible solution to overcome these challenges.






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